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I really like what Amanda P. has to say

Posted by Walker33 on May 21, 11 7:08 pm · History

Awww, look: everybody loves you:D That's so sweet.

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 15, 10 10:07 am · History

do you still get on here?

Posted by anime-essence on May 31, 10 3:42 pm · History

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Posted by Snaily on Nov 26, 09 1:47 am · History

i LOVE your layouts!

Posted by momoiasaivao on Nov 1, 09 12:03 am · History

Happ 4th of July

~take care~

Posted by Snaily on Jul 4, 09 6:01 pm · History

OMIGAWD! Queer as folk is AMAZING!!!!

Posted by lesliewelcomesyou on Jun 29, 09 3:10 pm · History

lol. why the long face :[


Posted by koobecaf on Jun 24, 09 8:29 pm · History

:D snape is da man

Posted by fiercest on Jun 17, 09 1:26 am · History

u welcome what u name?

Posted by urbanpassion on Jun 9, 09 3:33 am · History

♥♥♥ is shown on your page and :O i didnt know i added you on MAY 3rd, 2009 at 2:41 PM! lmao.

Posted by koobecaf on May 31, 09 11:12 pm · History

thats wat i thought :[ i have a hideous turtle i wanna get rid of!

Posted by koobecaf on May 29, 09 6:26 pm · History

my picture wwont change. ive tried to do it like 10 times already whats wrong? i thought it was the layout code that wouldnt let me fix the picture but i guess not :( plese please help me!!!! pweety pwease!

Posted by koobecaf on May 28, 09 7:29 pm · History

Thnx for reviewing my stock photo =)

Posted by Brett-and-His-Camera on May 27, 09 1:12 pm · History

It don't look tooooo bad. Definitely not your best.. but it's cool seeing someone's work from the beginning to date. And thank you [:
I'm about to check it.

Posted by dilligrout on May 26, 09 7:37 pm · History

Hey, you've got some really awesome layouts. (And adorable icons!) I'm using your layout for my create blog. Thanks a ton for making it.

Posted by aimegracen on May 25, 09 8:39 pm · History

haha. ^.^ I am using the layout ur also using. excellent job by the way!!!!

Posted by Parasite on May 17, 09 2:32 am · History

♥ the layouts! Miss talkin 2 u. Hope you have a great weekend!!

Posted by koobecaf on May 14, 09 4:37 am · History

hey i qotta question about [my] layout um, on my [pics] section, the [comment box] is a bit too [wide/long] and it goes though the page. :[ its not that pretty. but i was wondering if there is anyway that i can [fix] it or [you] could fix it by making it a bit smaller. or is it just suppose to be that way?

Posted by koobecaf on May 5, 09 10:05 pm · History

liked what? lmao. i keep forgetting that your the one who made my current layout im using on cB. hope you dont mind me puting the comment [pictures] on. its easier for me to know who it is instead of [reading] who wrote the comment, lmao when i can just look @ the pic!

Posted by koobecaf on May 5, 09 9:50 pm · History

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