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July 19 2008, 1:33 AM

Yeah, profile has a new layout. Been a while since i made any new layouts for my profile soo i had to refresh using the cb support thread. Also forgot how sensitive those # are for the colors... was busting my head trying to figure out whytf wasn't  my css working like i wanted it too.


anyway i'm back on CB, but you can also see me on the myspacepros forum.

and on my website which i really like yah guys to visit!.

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High School Graduate: Class of 07!

June 25 2007, 3:37 PM

Finally!!!! i graduated on June 22 making me the first Global Enterprise Academy graduate (school started in 03)

So happy now that i'm done with public school... can't really say school because i'm not done with school in general, college is next.Going to HCCC (Herkimer county community college) yes going to CUNY but i have plans to go to a SUNY after, the good thing is that i won't be far from home, or away from home, or even out of my home...doing HCCC online.... yes i know it makes me seem like a fat lazy person (no offence to overweight people) but i'm not... although i can be lazy at times. I have to baby sit my monster brothers but the good thing is that i'll be home, and i won't be away from my dog =)Also my mom will be doing HCCC online as well, so if we get our acts together we will graduate together. weird but pretty awesome

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markmejia: Congrats. :D 07-01-07 03:40 PM
MoHaWkGrl: Congrads to you, I graduted June 2006. That is one of the... 06-27-07 04:15 PM
hi-res: Congrats! What major are you planning to take up? 06-25-07 04:37 PM

Criss Angel: MindFreak Cement Block Event in NYC

June 6 2007, 10:21 PM

Warning Image Heavy

If you don't know Criss Angel and his show MindFreak i suggest going to Crissangel.com and watching some clips.

if u have no idea what happened Monday June 4th and Tuesday June 5th, Criss Angel attempted a death-defying demonstration in New York City’s Times Square (46th St. betw. Bway/8th Ave.). Encased in a cement block and lifted 40 feet above the ground for 24 hours, Criss escaped before it crashed to the ground Tuesday morning.

Criss Angel was placed in a 4'x4'x4' glass box with steel bars that was hoisted into the air and slowly filled with cement by spectators in full view at all times. Criss was able to interact with spectators at the live event, and hundreds watched it live on A&E's webcast. This cement block demonstration was filmed for a future episode of Criss Angel Mindfreak, and was streamed Worldwide LIVE. < thanks A&E's aetv.com

Here are some pictures and captions/story of my first day at the 24 hour event: they are thumbed, so be sure to click the images for a much larger view

Day 1 (6:58 am- 2:36pm)

Here are one of the amazing ads present at the Cement Block Event. I arrived  with my best friend a bit before 7am, and Criss Angel at 6:45. There was a crowd, but nothing too bad.

Here is Criss Angel, before geting in the box, reporters were there so tons of interviews were given for a while. He also anounced that banners, parts of the cube box, and the car behind him (didn't get a picture) were to be sold off and it's proceeds were to be given to the Make a Wish foundation.

Since me and my friend weren't as close as we wanted to be, heres a shot of the huge screen. Here Criss Angels talking about the cube box,and his plans for the 24 hour event.

Heres the 1st cube getting ready to be filled with 3 inches of cement at the bottom before adding the smaller cube on top.

Heres another shot of criss angel explaining his plans for the cement block escape

Here is another ad but inside  was the cube's AC (black tube connected to a air vent in the cube) and cables that held the box, this also served as the breaker that was set to drop the box at 7:30am tuesday morning.

The three inches of cement at the bottom has been placed and the smaller 4x4x4 cube where criss was to stay in, is bolted down to the outter shell. the clam looking silver piece you see is the camera that was to give out live footage of Criss in the cube. Also while i was taking pictures of the cube a NYC police officer was searching Criss for any items that would aid him, in his escape. Criss was also shackled with handcuffs on his wrist and ankles.

Shackled and ready to get in the box, here we see Criss getting in his glass cube.

Here we see him in the cube, as you can see the cube isn't as small as you think, but its not big either.

Here Criss bends down while they get ready to place the roof over him.

The roof is being placed over the box, its to be bolted down to the cube.

Why Criss is standing in the box, I have no clue but the guy above him is getting ready to bolt the roof down.

A very touching picture of his mother saying goodbye/goodluck to him from outside. I got pretty lucky with how clear this show was, considering the weather and how wet me and my camera was getting.

Some time has passed, I got my picture taken with my friend from the staff of the event, Vip members and all access members filled up the bottom with cement and he was lifted 4 stories into the air.

The card me and my friend got when our picture was taken. Check it out at http://cementblockevent.aetnpromo.com me and my friend are on page 7 image name "IMG_1039"

The front of the card. it ripped when i took it out my bag... damn rain

We waited till the rain let up before going back to watch him in the cube before it filled up with more cement. Also the crowd has grown since we left. Time is 18 hours 1 min and 25 seconds.

Pretty clear shot of him in the cube.

Aside from his towels and rope, a sharpie was placed in there. Here you see Criss waving to the fans with the message "I love you all" *picture* #13 written on one of the windows.

End of day 1 for me, I went to see potc after close to two hours watching. After the movie we went back home and watched a few hours on the live webcast.

Day 2 (5:27am - 7:36am)

I was up around 3:00am left with family and my brother's friend around 4:10am and got to the event around 5:25, put my camera together and started snapping shots of the cube. The countdowns at 2 hours 6 mins and 50 seconds.

Here you see one of Criss's hands in one of the two holes in the cube, this proves he was in the box.

From what was shown Criss has taken a small nap prior to this, and looked to be soo tired during his last 2 hours left in the cube.

Hosts of the show, along with some of the MindFreak crew.

Criss drops the rope inside the cube outside through on the holes he made the night before (resulted in loud cheer from me and the rest of the crowd).

Staff get ready to remove the safty cables as the countdown gets closer to the 24 mark. Also as can see on the screen they placed a drop side and mat for the box to fall on.

Another shot of workers removing saftey cables and AC.

Another shot of workers this time the safety cables and ac is disconnected.

Here i snap a shot at the count down, Criss cuts off his camera from inside the cube leaving the crowd in awe.

Once the clock hit one min the crowd started counting down with the clock, at some point we ended up two seconds early so when we hit zero they dropped the box, mind you i was soo worried Criss wasn't going to make it so i was getting too emotional for my own good. I'm so proud of the shots i got of the falling cube, so view the animation.

Medics and crew members rush to the cube, thinking Criss is still in there.

Another Shot

Criss made it, how he got out? no idea but i really look forward to seeing it on mindfreak really soon.

Another shot of Criss

Another shot of Criss

heres a timeline of the 24hour even thanks to a&e

It's 6:45am here at the Cement Block demonstration in New York City's Times Square on 46th Street between Broadway and 8th Ave. The weather is a little damp and rainy but that hasn't stopped the crowd from gathering. Banachek and Johnny Thompson are talking to the crowd, Criss just arrived here.

7:03am: Criss is doing interviews with the press. Hundreds of people are gathering to see the demonstration.

7:25am: Criss is introducing the Make A Wish Foundation, after the event the Mitsubishi car from the site, the posters, and pieces of the block itself will all be for sale on EBay, and the profits will go to the Make A Wish Foundation.

7:30am: The countdown clock has officially started. Criss has 24 hours starting now to make his escape.

7:35am: Criss Angel's mom and two brothers are up on stage saying goodbye to Criss in case he doesn't make it.

7:37am: The buckets of cement are being prepared. Cement is being poured into the bottom of the cube.

7:47am: The inner cube has been placed into the outer box. items that Criss will have with him are being loaded into the box - a small camera, a blanket, an ipod, and a sharpie.

7:49am: The block is being lifted off the ground.

7:58am: Criss is being searched and shackled by an NYPD officer.

8:05am: Criss is in the box. The lid is being secured.

8:27am: Criss Angel's brother has poured the first bucket of cement onto the box.

8:50am: Buckets of cement are being poured by VIPs and Criss is giving press interviews from the box.

9:24am: It is really raining here now. But the diehard Loyal fans are toughing it out.

9:30am: Due to the production of the event there will be intermittent audio drop outs.

10:38am: I don't know if it is showing on the web, but we are getting pounded by the remnants of Tropical Storm Barrry. It has been raining all morning. Some water is dripping into the box so Criss is trying to stay as dry as possible.

11:01 am: Criss was given some towels through the air hole in the lid. He is using these to mop up the water that is dripping into the box, but he just said in an interview that he is concerned this effort and movement is going to take up too much energy, and he wants to save as much of his energy as possible for the escape.

11:24am: The block is on the move. Criss is being lifted 40 feet into the air. The rain is still pouring down.

11:39am: Now that the block has been raised, the press and cement pour platform is being taken down. This will make more space for fans on the ground. Soon there will be some press people going up in a lift to talk to him at 40 feet.

1:20pm: The rain is finally letting up a bit. Banachek is talking to the crowd.

1:30pm: You can send a text message for Criss from home. We are not able to display the messages on this page, but Criss can read them from inside the box, until all the cement is poured. Text the word "ANGEL" to 334455 to send a message.

2:03pm: It has finally stopped raining, at least for now, and the crowd is starting to build again.

2:18pm: So far we have heard from people in the crowd that have travelled from Michigan, Massachusettes, Georgia, Florida, and Toronto and Ontario Canada.

2:35pm: Johnny and Bro Gilbert are interviewing some of the Loyal who stood in the rain all morning. The crowd is cheering and sending their love to Criss.

3:35pm: The second round of cement pouring has begun. People are going up in the lift with buckets of cement. They are pouring it in one wall at a time until Criss will be totally enclosed.

3:36pm: I just got a report that we now have people in the crowd from Wisconsin and Tennessee. If you are watching this from far away write in to Brian on the discussion board and tell him where you are watching from.

5:06pm: Criss' team have been filling up the cement on the sides of the boxes for the past two hours and Criss is now almost totallly encased in cement. Only one side remains unfilled, and they are working to fill it right now.

5:41pm: It looks as though the box is just about filled with cement; there is just a small window left for Criss to peek out. It has started to drizzle again, but that hasn't dampened the crowd's enthusiasm.

6:03pm: The cement is now being spread over the roof of the box. Criss is about to be totally sealed in. The crowd is singing along to Criss' songs being played.

8:43pm: Criss just escaped from the handcuffs.

9:15pm: The hosts are giving away Criss Angel prizes to fans who can answer Criss Angel Mindfreak trivia questions.

9:45pm: It looks like Criss has made some progress on the box. One of the window panes appears to be cracking, and it appears that a small area of the cement has been chipped away.

10:05pm: Criss has broken through one of the panes of the box. The handcuff he was using to help break the wall is now poking out through to the outside of the box. The crowd is being moved back in case any pieces of cement or glass fall down into the area.

10:22pm: Criss has gotten the handcuffs all the way through the wall of the box and has dropped them out.

10:27pm: Criss' hand is out of the box. You can see his whole hand, it looks to be his right hand. It looks like he might be using the towel to help protect his hand from the glass.

10:35pm: The event team is continuing to move people farther back from the box to ensure that no one is injured as Criss starts to break out.

10:48pm: Criss is attempting to stretch out his legs while he continues to chip away at the wall of the box. He is starting to look uncomfortable.

11:45pm: Criss has succeeded in making two small holes in the box, on adjacent sides.

2:57am: There is still quite a large crowd gathered down here. The area under the box has been cleared of people, but the dedicated fans are still watching from the remaining area and from across the street.

4:45am: They are starting to set up the blast shield right now. This is a clear barrier wall that will protect the crowd from any flying pieces of glass, cement, or steel when the box drops.

6:53am: With less than an hour left to go the pressure is really on for Criss. The crowd just gave a huge cheer because he has dropped the rope out one of the holes he made last night.

6:55am: The safety cables securing the box are being unhooked, as are the cables for the air conditioning unit above the box.

7:18am: We're entering the final minutes this morning. The crew is getting the box centered in within the safety barrier and lined up over the drop zone. I hope Criss is making progress on those walls.

7:22am: The crowd is cheering encouragement up to Criss. The box is swinging from the Crane. Criss is really cutting it close on this one. He's kicking the walls of the box as with all of his remaining strength.

7:26am: Less than four minutes to go there is still no sign of Criss getting out of this box in time. THe crowd is really cheering for him.

7:37am: The block dropped. But there is Criss! On top of the scaffolding.He is all right. Criss is down on the ground, talking to the fans who stayed with him all night. Congratulations Criss!

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koobecaf: jesus that was 1 blog? thats crazy amazing! i can believe... 05-31-09 11:14 PM
anime-essence: What!? I've seen this guy on television. He seems pretty... 06-07-07 03:04 PM
IVIike: holy crap!! thats sweet 06-07-07 10:05 AM

Prom pics

June 3 2007, 3:47 AM

Here are those promised pictures I said I was gonna post

The pictures here are pre-prom.... as for the pictues at prom, they come later (when I get them from the people who had a camera) I didn't take a camera with me to prom...  I didn't have a small digital and there was no way I was gonna buy a disposable one either (spoiled) so there was no way in hell I were gonna take my huge nikon d70s...

Anyway I had a OK time at my prom... although the school that was having prom at the same place as ours had a MUCH BETTER party... I even got a sombrero from them as for the rest of the night i went to a club that was labled Prom after party (went to the copacabana) didn't dance.... because well one 1 I didn't have a partner, 2 they were playing rap and r&b... and well most of those have some weird "speical" dance to certain songs... sooo I sat down and watched... just cuz I had a limo ride home after the club...

so now I'm soooo tired... got home close to 5am and I didn't eat all day yesterday so I'm not feeling too good today...  anyway...
on with the pictures

Click for full view

yeah i wore flats... tooo tall for heals...

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anime-essence: You look so fucking sexy Amanda! Rawr! 06-07-07 03:00 PM
hi-res: Your dress looks so lovely! I'm sorry to read... 05-28-07 04:25 AM
IVIike: lookin' good amanda ;] 05-24-07 10:27 PM

Starting out

June 3 2007, 3:47 AM

yeah... not much of a blogger... or whatever u call the people who "blog" but i really should start.
anyway, as you can see this is my first entry and all the news i have for today  is... that my highschool prom is tomorrow and i still have no idea how i plan to do my hair... anyway my dress looks like this, could of gotten black and it would of made my hunt for shoes and other things easier... but ivory contrasts with my tan skin lol
will be glad to post pictures when i take  them

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Chicago: omgg, i love criss angel. that guy is my hero 06-07-07 04:05 PM
anime-essence: I hope it was fun! 06-07-07 03:00 PM
brownsugar: wow our prom was like in the end of march :O that's a... 05-22-07 08:41 PM


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