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Just Thought I Should Write Something

November 30 2007, 7:27 PM

um... why nothing new has been happning here on my CB account,alot has been happening at my website

my fanlisting collective has grown, my main website has a new layout (finally), and i also added a few more interactive subdomains for my visitors.

check it out


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Now running three sites

June 3 2007, 3:46 AM

well.... two subdomians and one main website

yeah 1st and 3rd one are subdomians... but all three are run by me... just want yah to know

but i'm more then happy to gain links graphic/layout sites to link with silentatmosphere.com, art sites to link to blaqheartedstar.silentatmosphere.com and personal sites (blog websites) to link to planeteater.silentatmosphere.com

ok next blog later today will be more on me... instead of the sites

but if u have any ideas for them three please by all means post comments

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